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Becci Bookner, CEO

Becci Bookner, CEO

Your Parent’s Home Sweet Home: Part Two

We are just about free from the dreariness of winter weather.  Spring is in the air with all its  hopes and dreams. As the days get longer, we can begin to breathe  fresh air and think about the joys of “spring cleaning” during this time of renewal, regeneration, flowers and bounteous sunshine. Just in time for these long days and spring weather, here is Part Two of Your Parent’s Home Sweet Home.


  • Have a contractor inspect crawl spaces and check for leaks, critter access points and/or damage to the foundation of the residence that could be repaired.                           
  • Have your heating and air conditioning service company check for leaks around windows, consider new weather stripping for doors and plan a schedule for changing the filters for your system and do yearly maintenance on the units.
  • Seasonal maintenance on the coils and hoses in the refrigerators, washing machines and dryers is an important safety as well as good maintenance check. 
  • Switching to Day Light Savings Time is a great reminder  to change batteries in all smoke and fire alarms, security systems and answering machines.
  • Everyone appreciates a cool comfortable home during the hot days of summer.   With planning and the preparation you have already completed, you can reduce cooling costs even more with other services available from your energy providers. 
  • Utility companies are a great source for energy conservation and efficiency.  They can make referrals for quality inspectors and contractors upon request.                   
  • Switches on lamps can be replaced with touch sensors or with easy to grasp knobs.
  • The height of bed frames and mattresses can be adjusted to make transitions safer for getting in and out of bed.                              
  • Chairs and sofas can be adjusted to a different height and/or depth to accommodate any physical limitations or restrictions.
  • Medical supply stores have a variety of adaptive products to make bathroom fixtures safer and more convenient for use.
  • Most medical supply companies and home improvement stores have a variety of home safety products including grab bars, transfer boards, non skid items, emergency lighting devices and telephone sound adapters.  Check them out!                     
  • In spring weather related emergencies, flashlights are much safer that candles.                                                                            

Just thinking about “spring cleaning” may require support.   May the following fill your spirit with vibrant energy and renew your heart with hope:

                         1.  Make more time for other people.

                         2.  Smile more often.

                         3.  Make a difference for someone each day.

                         4.  Treasure your friendships.

                         5.   Talk less and listen more.

                         6.   Enthusiasm makes all the difference.

                         7.  Do more than is expected.

                         8.   Laugh.

                          9.   Opportunities are everywhere…find them.

                      10.   Improve someone else’s life.  In the process it will improve yours.

                      11.   Patience is a divine gift.  Practice it.

                      12.    Good manners make a good life even better.

                      13.   Friends and family do not need another grouch.  Don’t be one!

                      14.   Optimism is the prescription for daily success.

                      15.   Make your goals as high as the Heavens.

                      16.  The view from the mountain top is extraordinary.   Climb your mountains.       




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