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A Joyful Approach to Caregiving
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Celebrating a special birthday with clients like Ms. Grace is one of the top priorities for fostering relationships with families at Family Staffing Solutions

When Becci Bookner sought professional assistance to help care for her two aging aunts in 1993, she quickly discovered there was nowhere to turn for help. “They needed help with their day-to-day needs, and there was no company to call,” the former kindergarten teacher explains. When she realized she was not alone in her search, Bookner saw an opportunity to not just improve the lives of “growing older” Americans and their families, but also to create a thriving business that could address the growing demand for in-home personal care and support services. Today, her company, Murfreesboro, Tennessee-based Family Staffing Solutions, Inc., has provided more than 2.8 million hours of individualized care and assistance for families, while sharing her passion with others interested in bringing kindness, integrity and strong relationships to the personal care industry.

Redefining the Golden Years

As CEO of Family Staffing Solutions, Bookner is dedicated to helping families understand that aging requires different skills and options than their earlier years, and then equip- ping them to make those adjustments.
“People are living longer and aging more effectively; they’re still engaged and active, and supporting that new way of looking at aging is a great opportunity,” she says. “We can change the way people age one family at a time.” Bookner accomplishes that goal with a special team of caregivers who provide engaged companionship and comfort. “Oftentimes our clients are either scared or bored. That’s a big challenge to accommodate, but it’s what we love doing,” she says. “We want them to feel safe when we’re there, and we want their lives to take on a different element of vitality.”

Office Assistance

Family Staffing Solutions also assists families who have their own private caregivers with administrative services such as background checks, IRS with- holdings and long-term care insurance policies. “These can be burdensome, and we’re delighted to offer those services so clients can keep their caregiver,” she says.

It’s all part of Bookner’s desire to raise the standards of care for families in hopes of attracting other professionals who feel called to the industry. “If this speaks to your heart it’s something you ought to try, and we’d be delighted to help,” she says. “We’re proud of the number of families we’ve been a part of while also being a great employer and member of the business community. This industry has a fantastic future, and we’re excited to be a part of it.”

“We can change the way people age one family at a time.”


Stay Independent ♥ At Home ♥ In Charge®

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At Family Staffing Solutions we make it possible for people to age, secure in the knowledge that they may never spend a single night in a nursing home. From simple phone visits to scheduled in-home senior care, Family Staffing Solutions is the best choice for seniors and families in need of a helping hand that cares. Personal referrals to our company are, of course, based on having an excellent reputation for providing quality care in a respectful caring way. We are very proud of our reputation and our good name. Family Staffing Solutions is committed to taking care of your family members as if they were ours. We staff our caregivers and our offices with you in mind. You are invited to learn more about each of the offices by clicking on their Spotlight page.



Our Mission Statement:

To be recognized as the industry leader for integrity and excellence in Personal Assistance Care achieved with a positive, joyful approach that improves the lives of our Clients, Employees and Franchisees.


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