At Family Staffing Solutions YOU are in charge….

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and we play your supporting role by providing a number of personal services that will help you stay in your home,and most importantly stay independent.  Experts agree that folks who remain in their own home age more slowly, are happier, enjoy a better quality of life, live longer, and have fewer medical expenses.  Yet, too often, people like you, who can afford to continue enjoying their home indefinitely, find themselves in a health crisis that may have unintended consequences that affect not only your health but your future.

Getting to know and arranging for personal assistance care while you are not facing an emergency or critical situation is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself or your family can do for each other.  While you have time, it is a good idea to check out several companies, get answers for you questions and ask them for references.  We would be honored if you chose our company to be the solution to your immediate needs now-and for those in the years ahead.

Today, even when there is no crisis, you may enjoy have a companion/driver for trips to the doctor’s office, to your hairdresser, visiting friends, shopping or attending services at your church or house of worship.  By getting to know us now, we will already understand your personal wishes and needs.  We will have the information necessary and proper paperwork in place to provide the individualized services you want and the way you want them done.  We will already have a business affiliation that can provide the confidence to know that your wishes about personal assistance care come first at Family Staffing Solutions.

Please contact us at 615-848-2810 if you have any questions or would like to set up a free “get acquainted” visit.



 Family Staffing Solutions Now Offers House Care Services!

Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with an exceptional “handy man” to provide expert care for your home. He has excellent references on request. The following is a suggested list of items you might consider as part of the services our “handy man” partner can provide for you:

  • Change light bulbs in ceiling fixtures including florescent bulbs
  • Change toilet seat
  • Repair door hinges
  • Repair leaky garden hoses
  • Clean dryer vent ducts
  • Replace or clean furnace filters
  • Clean coils in rear of refrigerator units
  • Clean garages and/or outdoor storage units
  • Check smoke alarm batteries
  • Trim shrubbery around doors and windows
  • Repair loose bricks or stones in sidewalks
  • Check and repair (if necessary) locking devices on doors
  • Check all windows to be sure they are locked and working
  • Minor painting and repair jobs
  • Power wash porches, patios, decks and sidewalks
  • Clean out gutters
  • Make sure all the water is drained from garden hoses and properly stored.
  • A variety of other services on request

How it works:
You call your local office to schedule our “handy man”. That time will be scheduled and confirmed. NO money is transacted between you and the “handy man”. Clients will be invoiced for this service.

Pricing options:
There is a two hour minimum for “handy man” services per visit priced at $35 per hour
Additional hours after the two hour minimum on each visit are priced at $25 per hour

Call 615-848-2810 today for more information!


Stay Independent ♥ At Home ♥ In Charge®

At Family Staffing Solutions we make it possible for people to age, secure in the knowledge that they may never spend a single night in a nursing home. From simple phone visits to scheduled in-home senior care, Family Staffing Solutions is the best choice for seniors and families in need of a helping hand that cares. Personal referrals to our company are, of course, based on having an excellent reputation for providing quality care in a respectful caring way. We are very proud of our reputation and our good name. Family Staffing Solutions is committed to taking care of your family members as if they were ours. We staff our caregivers and our offices with you in mind. You are invited to learn more about each of the offices by clicking on their Spotlight page.

Our Mission Statement:

To be recognized as the industry leader for integrity and excellence in Personal Assistance Care achieved with a positive, joyful approach that improves the lives of our Clients, Employees and Franchisees.


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