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Ms. Mabel Robertson turns 107 Years!

Murfreesboro County Mayor Proclaims February 20th

as Mabel Robertson Day!


Ms. Mabel Robertson,  107,  was presented with a proclamation by Murfreesboro County Mayor, Ernest Burgess, stating that February 20th is Mabel Robertson Day.  Mabel was born in 1911 and is  the oldest living person in Rutherford County and possibly in the history of Rutherford County.  Mabel was also presented with a Key to the City by the Murfreesboro City Mayor Shane McFarland. The Key to the City is known to be an honor bestowed by a city upon esteemed residents.

We are proud to honor and acknowledge Mabel for her contributions to our community and country  over many generations.


Happy Birthday Mabel!



Our Newest Inductee into the Murfreesboro Century Club 

Mr. Tom Smotherman, 100 years.

Mr. Tom celebrated his 100th birthday with family and friends gathered around at a celebration held Saturday, Jan 6, 2018.  Mr. Tom’s family presented him with a Centenarian Award Certificate from the Governor of Tennessee, a Proclamation from the City of Murfreesboro, and a Certificate from Family Staffing Solutions’ Century Club all honoring the contributions he has made in his 100 years.  Thank you, Congratulations, and Happy Birthday!






1st Annual Century Club of Bedford County 

2017 Centenarian Appreciation

Gladys Grogan, 106, Mary Lynn Prince and Hazel Gordon, 101

Family Staffing Solutions celebrated the 1st Annual Centenarian Appreciation Day for Bedford County.
The celebration held on December 15, 2017 honored Gladys Grogan, 106 and thought to be the county’s oldest, Mary Lynn Prince and Hazel Gordon, 101, for the contributions they have made during their lifetimes.
County Mayor Eugene Ray presented proclamations to all three ladies, while Shelbyville Mayor Wallace Cartwright presented each with the key to the city. They also received certificates from Family Staffing Solutions and congratulatory Centenarian Awards from Gov. Bill Haslam. Circuit Court Judge Wyatt Burk gave the invocation.  It was a special day and celebration for all!

Click to read the Times-Gazette article 

Family Staffing Solutions established the “CENTURY CLUB OF RUTHERFORD COUNTY” in 2012, honoring those residents who have reached the age of 100 plus and is now honored to establish the “CENTURY CLUB OF BEDFORD COUNTY” in 2017.


Centenarian Appreciation Day 2016

5th Annual Century Club of Rutherford County

Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. and the Century Club of Rutherford County Celebrated the 5th Annual Centenarian Appreciation Day July 28th, 2016.  A total of 10 Centenarians were honored this year – including “The Eldest Citizen of Rutherford County”- Mabel Robertson, 105.  This year also marks the first male Centenarian, George H.  Barrett,  honored at 101.  Both pictured below.

2016 Century Club Centenarians



Our Centenarians were honored and acknowledged for their contributions over many generations.  These citizens have been instrumental in building our community as well as our country.

 For more information including our Press Release and additional pictures, click here to view.


2016 Century Club ChronicleCC_Newsletter_png

Please click to read our 2016- Century Club Chronicle



4th Annual 2015 Century Club

Murfreesboro Centenarians were honored on the 4th Annual 2015 Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. Century Club “Centenarian Appreciation Day” proclaimed by Murfreesboro Mayor, Shane McFarland in 2014, honoring our Centenarians for the contributions they have made to the nation, state, and local community during their lifetimes.

“To have lived 100 years is to have witnessed some of the most important times in history” says Kathy Bennett, Family Staffing Solutions’ Century Club Event organizer.

Our special 2015 honorees that have lived 100 years were presented with a Centenarian Award certificate from the Governor of Tennessee and a Proclamation from the City of Murfreesboro, both presented to each honoree at a personal visit by the Mayor and Family Staffing Solutions, Inc.

Ms Soper and Mayors

Ms. Mary Soper, 104, pictured with Mufreesboro Mayor McFarlan (left) and Rutherford Co. Mayor Burgess (right)

2015 Century Club Centenarians

Mabel Robertson       104

Dora Rucker              104

Mary Soper               104

Margaret Cook           103

Ida Overton                103

Mary Chrisman           103

Pauline Cantrell          102

Geneva Delene           101








2014 Century Club


Family Staffing Solutions established the “CENTURY CLUB OF RUTHERFORD COUNTY” in 2012, honoring those residents who have reached the age of 100 plus. We celebrate these Centenarians each year. A proclamation decreeing the last Thursday of every July be named “Centenarian Appreciation Day.” This year, we celebrated 13 ladies whose ages range from 100 to 104 years of age. Eight of these centenarians were present at the Embassy Suites along with city, county, and state dignitaries presenting certificates and awards. The honorees were given a corsage, a gift bag with nostalgic items including an Christmas ornament of the Rutherford County Courthouse by the County Mayor Ernest Burgess. A copy of the proclamation was also given to each centenarian, and a Centenarian Award signed by Governor Bill Haslam was presented by Senator Jim Tracy.
These historians have lived through World Wars, Depression, 18 US Presidents have been elected in their lifetime. They have seen inventions of all kinds that we take for granted today. Hard time and hard work are no stranger to these ladies. How very fortunate we are to have been part of their life that one day and to have heard and shared their stories….just a wonderful day. Cake and coffee was enjoyed by all. Congratulations to our centenarians!!


2014 Century Club Attendees


Pictured above are Top row: Mildred Ball, Elizabeth Barrett and Mary Chrisman.  Middle row: Margaret Cook, Geneva Delene and Edna Jenkins.  Bottom row: Dora Rucker and Mary Soper.


2014 Century Club Honorees

Annie King                                  104

Dora Rucker                                103

Mary Soper                                  103

Mabel Robertson                         103

Blanche Wise                             102

Ida Overton                                 102

Margaret Cook                           102

Mary Chrisman                         101

Pauline Cantrell                        101

Elizabeth Barrett                       101

Geneva Delene                         100

Mildred Ball                               100

Edna Jenkins                            100