Ask Our Experts

Below are answers to some questions that we hope you find helpful when making choices about personal in-home care.

What makes Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. different from other personal care companies?


Let’s ask Amanda, Shelbyville Office Manager:

Amanda Lankford – Office Manager

Our emphasis is on personalized service for families.

We are committed to individualizing our services with the most flexible scheduling options.  We want to help to reduce the stress that many families experience so they can find joy and respect for the aging process.

We have been providing in-home personal care since 1993 and have scheduled over 4 million hours of care assistance.

Statistics demonstrate that people tend to live a better quality of life when they are able to “age in place” remaining in their own home.  We help seniors achieve that every day.

What is the difference between Family Staffing Solutions and a home health company?

Let’s ask Jenny from the Home office:

Jenny Robinson

Jenny Robinson – Home Office

Family Staffing Solutions Inc., is a personal assistance care company licensed by the State of Tennessee to provide services that are in the “non medical’ environment of care. Our company can assist with all the services that are classified as “activities of daily living” and a lot more. We can help with bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, transportation, meal preparation, light housekeeping, errands and a variety of individualized requests to better meet the needs of each client.

Services from Family Staffing Solutions offer flexibility with scheduling. Cancellation or changes to a shift that more efficiently meet client needs and requests can be conveniently arranged. Often visits by family members or a trip to visit family can result in a need to change a schedule. This is an important part of individualizing our work.

At Family Staffing Solutions, Inc., “Our Client Is The Star” and we play the supporting role by providing personal services that will help them stay in their own home. Experts agree that folks who remain in their own home age more slowly, are happier and enjoy a better quality of life.

Why would we choose to use a personal assistance care company such as Family Staffing Solutions, Inc?

Amanda Kindle – Home Office

Let’s ask Amanda from the Home Office:

When you arrange with Family Staffing Solutions, Inc., for in-home personal assistance care, good things happen.

Experts agree that older family members who remain in their own home age more slowly, are happier and enjoy a better quality of life. They also live longer and have fewer medical expenses.

The demands of careers and other responsibilities often limit the amount of time and energy you have available for the personal care needs of older relatives. It is important to recognize that you may not always be there when they need you. By getting acquainted with Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. you can relax knowing that caring, professional in-home assistance is just a phone call away. You are free to make important decisions without emotional pressure and stress brought on by an emergency.

Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. has served families like yours with quality personal care since 1999. Our management teams operate with the first-hand knowledge of their own family experience with aging parents. This experience gives each of them a special sense of relationship with our clients. The Family Staffing Solutions’ caregivers are bonded and insured. They are carefully screened and receive on-going “effective caregiver” training. Our goal is to match our best caregiver to the individualized requests of your family.

Could you tell me what Respite Care is?

Let’s ask Nina from our Murfreesboro Office:

Nina Krotulski –  Murfreesboro Scheduling Coordinator


“A break from caregiving” is called  respite care.  Whether you are an adult child, a spouse or a neighbor and find yourself in a caregiving role, two of the most difficult things to do are …ask for help and take time for yourself.

Though it can be difficult to ask for help or take time for yourself, it  is important to take a break.  In addition to being able to take care of  personal tasks like shopping or appointments with the doctor,  you really need to take care of ‘you’.  This time of respite may give you a chance to re-fuel, stay in touch with old friends and keep your personal life together so you can maintain a world outside your caregiving responsibilities. Your family member may enjoy the change as well!

Try to remember that whether you are a full or part-time family caregiver when you begin to feel ‘out of sorts’ or just plain tired, this is not the time to say, “No, I can manage alone.” It may be time to look for personal care assistance support.

One of those options you may want to consider is a call to your nearest office of Family Staffing Solutions. Find out how we can become your partner for scheduled, manageable respite care hours.  We will help you find a plan that works for your unique situation with as few as a one hour break, a full day or even more. If you are well rested, feeling good and re-energized, you will be a more effective and nurturing caregiver for your family member. Respite care is a gift your give yourself!


What are the most important questions to ask a representative of a personal care company when considering a provider of services for my family?


Becci Bookner, President and CEO


At Family Staffing Solutions, Inc., we recommend that you ask the following specific questions and expect to receive very specific answers.

  • How long has your company been in business?
  • Is your company licensed by the State of Tennessee?
  • Is your company a member of the Chamber of Commerce?
  • Is this business locally owned and operated? Are you the owner?
  • What specific kinds of employee background screenings do you utilize?
  • What are your standards about drug screenings?
  • Will my family have to sign a contract?
  • Do we pay the caregiver?
  • Can you provide references from other families who have used your services?

While these are only suggestions, the answers will help you make a better choice for this important decision. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these questions. Family Staffing Solutions has been built on personal experiences and a philosophy of respect and relationship. Our mission is to be recognized as the industry leader for integrity and excellence in personal care assistance that improves the lives of our clients and employees, that mission will be evaluated by each family and caregiver we meet. We want to be your first choice when you need personal assistance care. (answered by Becci Bookner)


I am a teacher.  Would my principal want to know about the services available from Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. as an available resource when teachers have emergency situations with older family members and really need to be at home?

Karen McWhorter headshot

Karen McWhorter – Home Office

Let’s ask Karen from the Home Office:

At Family Staffing Solutions, Inc., we think all employers would want to know about the advantage of offering caregiving information to their employees, especially about a local solution for those who are dealing with older family members and the demands of a career or business work schedule. As one of the local office directors put it…We can take care of your older family members so that you can take care of your students.”  At Family Staffing Solutions, Inc., we make it possible for employees in our community to maintain the quality of their business and professional  life  while  at the same time, supporting and enhancing the  quality of life for older family members with one of our  excellent caregivers.

According to one study, businesses in our country have lost between $11.4 billion and $29 billion  or more in employee retention, absenteeism and productivity due to elder caregiving.  This is particularly significant for the public school community.  Caring for older family members often impacts an employee’s ability to work and to advance their career. 11% of caregivers take a leave of absence, another 7% reduce their work hours and 10% take early retirement or quit their job.  One study reports that only 23% of companies with 100 or more workers have formal programs in place to support caregivers elder care assistance.

At Family Staffing Solutions, Inc., we understand that caring for an aging parent is one of the most important challenges we will face.  Let us be your partner as you seek to bring balance and joy to this cycle of life for cherished loved ones and for yourself.

Don’t most seniors eventually live in a nursing home?

Let’s ask Kathy from the Home Office:

Kathy Bennett – Client Services

Great question. Not only are most elder family members not living in nursing homes but the proportion of those who do live in a nursing home is actually declining. In 2004 the number of seniors living in nursing care facilities plummeted from 6.8% to 4.2%. Experts on aging and medicine predict that this downward trend will continue to accelerate and there is evidence that even disability among older people is declining rapidly. The result is that between 94% and 96% of our older family members live independently or with assistance either at home or in an assisted living community.

Our seniors are in better shape than earlier generations nationally, medically and in fitness. There are upwards of 140,000 people over 100 years of age in our country. They are physically and intellectually fit and wonderfully engaged in life more than ever before.

Family Staffing Solutions is committed to the notion that “length of life” issues offer a whole new world of opportunity for ‘grown olders’ and the adult children who want their parents to live abundantly and be consumers of items in every area of life that promotes personal choice and independence. Our company offers personal support that allows these wonderful people to age in place and remain engaged in church, civic and recreational relationships that keep life meaningful and worth the challenges of more birthdays.