Family Staffing Solutions’ caregivers have the skills, the understanding, and the heart to care for your family. We encourage you to partner in the selection of a caregiver for your family as well as work together with us to maximize their time with your loved one.

Our Hiring Process

At Family Staffing Solutions, Inc., we take pride in hiring Exceptional Caregivers.  To become a part of our team, each candidate must go thru a thorough screening process starting with completing our application process in person.

Once a candidate has completed their application at the local office and an initial assessment has been completed, signed authorization by the candidate allows Family Staffing Solutions to conduct the following Background Checks:

  • Criminal Background, Abuse Registry, Sex Offender Registry, Department of Public Safety

We also require:

  • Verification of Car Insurance
  • Professional and Personal references.
  • Pre-Employment and Random Drug Testing

If the results of the Background Checks are clear and the applicant’s references are in good- standing, the applicant will proceed thru the hiring process which includes an interview and an in-depth New Hire Orientation which can include state developed testing on skills and aptitude, as well as Family Staffing Solutions’ protocols, policies, and procedures.

Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. expects all caregivers to exceed the standards we have set and to which we are committed throughout our company.

Our Caregivers are:

  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • Supervised and Evaluated as part of our Quality Assurance Standard of care for your family.

Staff Development Training and Enrichment Programs

Continued training and development are key to having Exceptional Caregivers. Family Staffing Solutions requires the acknowledgement of a Caregiver’s commitment to our clients and our company.

Our Training Includes: