Clients Tell Us…

Becci and Ms. Grace

Becci and Ms. Grace




Our clients’ comments are taken to heart.

We listen to their comments and suggestions and work diligently to find meaningful ways to continue to exceed our clients’ expectations. We think that in order to really know who we are and the standards of care we maintain, we must listen to what our clients tell us…






Comments from our recent Client Satisfaction Survey:

You definitely fill a need – Keeping my mother in her own home & allowing her some feeling of independence.  Shary E.


All of the staff at FSS, Murfreesboro are so kind and compassionate.  We are so grateful to all of you!  Terri L.


We find our caregiver very capable as well as caring.  She responds to our needs quickly and completely.  Beatrice H.


I love the people at Family Staffing [Solutions].  We are so pleased we have referred other families.  Carol L.


Amber has been a great help and a pleasure to be around.  Norma K.


Carol is kind, friendly, and knows how to meet my needs.  I’m beginning to need more help and she fulfills these needs.  Maria G.


More comments

I first became acquainted with Family Staffing Solutions five years ago. During a very special and difficult time in our family, they proved to be a godsend answer to our need for in-home personal assistance. Their people were friendly, caring, and professional. There was never a limit to their desire to serve. Staying a little longer or making a last minute change in the schedule was always done with a smile. They will be there when you need them. Jane R. 
Do the caregivers ever get tired or cranky? I’m asking because my father’s caregiver works 8 hours a day with him and EVERY time I see her, no matter what time of day, she still has a smile on her face and a few nice words for me and always a firm squeeze on my  hand. I can close the front door and leave,  knowing “Dad” is with the best.
Margaret O.
We could never have managed this last year without all of your help and I am very grateful for the wonderful service you provide. It has been a pleasure working with you.
Jonathon H.
We are so grateful for the excellent care that Lynda provides.  She is so kind to my father. Thanks to all of you at Family Staffing Solutions.
Terri L.
I could not ask for a better service or a better (caregiver) match. Thanks. 
Ruth C.
I have told my church members, “if you choose Family Staffing, they will make sure you have the perfect fit. My experience is they know how to get it right!”  Thank you Family Staffing Solutions! 
Toby C. 
“This service is really wonderful and each and every one of the sitters have been marvelous. They are kind considerate, compassionate, understanding, have lots of patience and are genuinely interested in us. We have loved them all.”
Georgia B.
What would we have done without Family Staffing? My cute 98 year old mother fell and after her emergency room visit, an immobilizing sling and various bruises, we were thrilled to find the loving care provided by your caregiver. She was the best medicine, ever!
Clarissa R. 
Extremely pleased with the responsiveness of the Director and the quality of the Caregivers.
Mary K.
Nancy does a wonderful job.  Much better than I am capable of doing.
Ray C.