Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. History

Aunt Olivia & Aunt Rebecca

Pictured here are Olivia and Rebecca, the aunts of company president and CEO Becci Bookner and they are the reason Family Staffing Solutions exists today.

Like many of today’s caregivers, Becci found herself juggling professional obligations with the desire to care for her aunts. Both aunts needed companionship as well as professional attention to financial affairs and personal health. Both preferred the security and familiar surroundings of their own home to the other options available. Yet when Becci began looking for a comprehensive service to provide personal, non-medical assistance to help her aunts with day-to-day needs, she quickly realized that it didn’t exist. And she soon learned that she was not alone in her search. In fact, a report by the U.S. Census Bureau stated that one out of every four adults in the U.S. is primary caregivers to an elderly friend or relative. Like Becci, these caregivers needed help in providing a comfortable lifestyle and deserved quality of life for their loved ones within the home environment.

So, born from the truism that necessity is the mother of invention, Becci first began providing quality personal care services for older family members in 1993 with just two clients.  In 1999 Becci’s second company Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. was established and the first office was opened in Dallas, Texas.

Ms. Grace Akin

MS Grace

Ms. Grace Akin

Ms. Grace never dreamed her daughter, Becci would turn the idea of caring for her aunts into a company that could help so many people.  Ms. Grace was also a client of Family Staffing Solutions for more than a decade. Ms. Grace was able to remain in her home throughout her life.  Some of the caregivers were almost like daughters and others became her good friends.

As she said, “I can look out my window and still enjoy my beautiful flower garden because of the great caregivers from Family Staffing Solutions. They were wonderful for my sisters and they have been wonderful for me.”

Family Staffing Solutions, can help your loved ones, too.

The company name, Family Staffing Solutions reflects the fact that in-home support is provided not only for family members but for disabled adults, clients recovering from surgery or accidents and families who may need occasional childcare. The company has staffed over 3,000,000 hours of excellent, in-home, personal care assistance for our clientele in our service areas. The company’s unique service offering combined with its impressive track record has drawn the attention of local and regional media. Becci Bookner’s quest to help Aunt Olivia and Aunt Rebecca has led her to become an authority on the subject of services that can allow seniors to live with independence and dignity in the comfort of their own home. Family Staffing Solutions maintains offices in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Shelbyville.