Veterans Benefits Aid Counsel

At Family Staffing Solutions, Inc. we proudly care for our Veterans, their spouses and surviving spouses every day. Our commitment to their care is just one of the ways we demonstrate appreciation for their service to our country.

These heroes – our fathers, mothers, spouses, and friends, – may be eligible for benefits through the VA.  To find out if these funds may be available to help you pay for long-term care, we encourage you to call:

Veterans Benefits Aid Counsel

   Toll Free:  888-388-1401


Contact Carroll Dale for a free pre-filing consultation to check eligibility to understand how or if these funds can help pay for long-term care. A married couple can access over $2100/month, single veteran over $1800/month and a surviving spouse over $1200/month. You must have a medical need requiring assistance and a limited net worth.

Visit their website for a chat feature or private online inquiry.

Qualifying dates of service for Pension plus Aid and Attendance:

WWII: 12/7/1941-12/31/1946                                Korea:  6/27/1950-1/31/1955

Vietnam:  12/28/1961-8/4/1964 (in country)  Vietnam II:  8/5/1964-5/7/1975

90 days consecutive active duty days with 1 day falling in the listed time frames

Mideast Conflicts:  8/02/1990 to date

Two years active duty with 1 day falling in the listed time frame

Veterans Benefits Aid Counsel, PC

305 E Spring St. , Cookeville, TN  38501

Henry Fincher, Esq.

VA Accredited * TN Licensed

Direct:  931-739-3053 * Paralegals:  931-650-3858/888-388-1404

Fax:  931-650-3862

Hours:  Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

We also invite you to visit the Family Staffing Solutions’ Veterans Corner