Ways To Stay Young – 50 Years Ago

50 Years ago, in October 1969, The Tennessee Magazine had a “Salute to Senior Citizens” that included a 12 point list from AARP detailing “Ways to Stay Young”.  Aside from “wearing a new bonnet” these ways to stay young can still apply today- 2019!

Ways To Stay Young

  • Walk at least a mile every day.
  • Take up some outdoor activity such as gardening (it is wonderful to see things grow day by day). Become good at it.
  • If you can’t dance, learn how to sing.
  • Once a month, look over your address book and either call on, or phone, or write to an old friend you haven’t heard from during the year.
  • Develop the gift of making new friends and acquire two new ones (on younger person, and one older than yourself) each year.
  • Dress up in your “best” suite at least once a week (other than Church) and go to the office, to a meeting, or on a visit. Wear that “new bonnet” – appearance counts like mad.
  • Call everyday folks you meet by his or her first name.
  • Practice the three “C’s” of Adult Education:  Curiosity, Comprehension, Creativeness- start a hobby, learn a new language, write a poem.
  • As you grow older, take an active part in the community and give service to others less fortunate. Give a little of yourself away each day – it’s good mental health.
  • Begin a long-range project such as painting in oils, braid a rug, knit a dress. Whatever it is finish it.
  • Watch your health but don’t be a hypochondriac or faddist about it. Follow good hygiene.  Seek professional service when needed.
  • Love someone very much and show it every day both in small and important ways. Love God and by His Grace a few will love you too.

Copied – Tennessee Magazine, American Association of Retired Persons

View the original copy of the Tennessee Magazine 50 Years ago – October 1969